Friday, March 16, 2012

'Horizontal Tornado' Captured By Amateur Videographer

This harmless phenomenon, called a roll cloud, forms where cold air drives low-hanging, moist warm air upward. Cooler temperatures condense the moisture to form clouds. Winds create the rolling effect
ROLL CLOUD: Mississippi resident Daniel Blake Fitzhugh caught this image of a roll cloud on camera near Richland, Miss.Image: Daniel Blake Fitzhugh
New images of a weird weather phenomenon known as a roll cloud have surfaced from Richland, Miss.
The images, taken on a camera phone by Mississippi resident Daniel Blake Fitzhugh, reveal a seemingly endless roll cloud, or arcus cloud, a low cloud formation that forms over the sea or at the edges of thunderstorms. Fitzhugh sent in an image and video of the cloud to LiveScience after seeing an earlier report of a roll cloud off the coast of Brazil.

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